Rule of market and future of mankind

The value education, moral science and the character building of your children is too important a task to be left to schools alone . Because today’s schools are nothing more than factories for mass production of ever obedient slaves of market, atomised individuals and walking automatons on the roads . If you do not want this fate to befall your children and if you do not want them to grow up as slaves of market, potential rapists, cowards, corrupt and criminals , then throw out of your house the idiot box ( invisible but most effective instrument of market slavery) ; and replace the period of time that you and your children were spending listening to the “preachings and pontifications” of idiot box with reading and discussion of some spiritual literature like bhagavadgita , vedanta, bible, kuran, zen budhism etc or poetry of rumi,tagore, w.b. yeats etc . If you do so , within just a few months you would see the biggest revolution of the history happening right within the boundary of your own home . And yes, you and your children would really become emperors of their time and masters of their own destiny—- and not the passive consumers of goods and obedient slaves of the market .
Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


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