Yoga of Meditation

  • Standing on one foot, let man do austerities for a 1000 years; but (that austerity) is less than one sixteenth of this Yoga of meditation. ~ Paingal Upanishad
  • “Meditation, called Dhyana in Sanskrit, has been used in India for several thousand years. The ascetics and Yogis of India spent hundreds of years developing various meditation techniques. The Hindu sage Patanjali mastered the secrets of the human mind and wrote exhaustively about various meditation techniques in his famous book Yogasutras. Over the ages, those who have achieved spiritual illumination using these techniques have verified their efficacy. The practice of meditation can benefit everyone irrespective of one’s religious affiliation. It can even help an atheist find the ultimate Truth.” ~ Swami Bhakarananda
  • “The highest goal of meditation is God-Realisation or experiencing the Ultimate Truth. In order to meditate we have to use our imagination. It can not be random or unbridled imagination. The imagining must be done with the greatest concentration under the guidance of a genuine teacher. The other requirement is that the object of imagination has to be real. Sustained guided imagination of the real is meditation. Imagining unreal objects is not meditation. It is fantasy …… In the context of meditation it is essential to know the true meaning of the word real. According to Hindu philosophy, anything that is real has to fulfil two conditions. It has to be both changeless and eternal. Hindus conceive of God as changeless and eternal. God alone is real. Everything in the world is transient and subject to change. Nothing pertaining to the world can be real. We already know that the object of meditation has to be real. As God alone is real, the object of meditation must be God. God is not only the one and only reality but is also the holiest of the holy, the purest of the pure. By meditating on the exalted holiness of God our mind gradually becomes completely holy and pure. The mental impurity that temporarily covers the effulgent sun of divinity in us like a cloud is dispelled forever. Our inherent divinity now blazes forth in its boundless glory. This is the acme of spiritual progress—reaching the ultimate goal of meditation. This is spiritual illumination.” ~ Swami Bhaskarananda
  • “Meditation alone is true worship. Hence one should constantly worship the Lord of the three worlds by means of meditation. The Self is not realised by any means other than meditation. If one is able to meditate even for thirteen seconds, even if one is ignorant, one attains the merit of giving away a cow in charity. If one does so for one hundred and one seconds, the merit is that of performing a sacred rite. If the duration is twelve minutes, the merit is a thousand fold. If the duration is of a day, one dwells in the highest realm. This is the supreme yoga, this is the supreme kriya (action or service). One who practises this mode of worship is worshipped by the gods and the demons and all other beings.” ~ Yoga Vasistha

Advaita Sidhi Yoga by Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

On the basis of 30 years of personal experience and research on ancient Yoga treatises, Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati has developed a Meditation system especially meant and designed for the seekers of Self-Realisation & God-Realisation. This is known as Advaita Sidhi Yoga. This is particularly suitable and conducive for spiritual growth and divine upliftment of all spiritual seekers.

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