From Sexual suppression to Sexual sublimation

Sex is a need and desire both . Sex is divine and demonic both . Sex is creative and destructive both . Sex is a bondage but can be a vehicle of final liberation too ( Super consciousness ).

Celibacy is only a symptom of Brahmacharya and not cause of Brahmacharya . Celibacy is neither equal to nor synonymous with Bramhacharya. Mere Absence of or negation of sexual indulgence is not Brahmacharya . Abstinence need not lead to Brahmacharya . Abstinence is neither helpful in nor hindrance to Brahmacharya ( Self-Realisation ). However, a self- realized person ( Brahmachari) is definitely free from sexual bondage . But that freedom from sex does not come from the negation of sexual indulgence , suppression of sex or abstinence ; rather it is a natural corrolory of , a result of the discovery of superior and higher modes of pleasure , happiness , joy and love , that too unconditional, unfettered , free and perennial with no side-effects and huge side- benefits . He would not have any compulsion of sexual indulgence . Because , he has entered into and experienced the higher and superior dimensions of joy and bliss where sexual pleasure appears so small, insignificant and trivial ( qualitatively and quantitatively both ) compared to the joy and happiness unleashed by superconsciousness.

Religions and religious people have done greatest disservice to the cause of evolution and growth of superconsciousness ( self-realisation) by making abstinence first and foremost condition for the journey and experience of self- realization . It has produced 2 kinds of sexual neorosis/perversion , first , large number of people think that sex is the highest dimension of human joy and happiness, therefore , they never explore any other (higher-superior) dimension of joy and happiness , resulting into sexual addiction . Moreover , since sexual indulgence and spiritual path are projected as mutually enemical , antithetical and mutually exclusive to each other , large mass of humanity who can not stop sexual indulgence , think themselves ineligible and incapable of any spiritual aspiration and experience . This results in vast majority of humanity being denied and deprived any opportunity to go beyond sexuality and explore and experiment the new horizons of joy , happiness and peace lying within themselves . There can not be a bigger injustice to humanity and worse stupidity on the part of religions . Second , since Sexual pleasure in its biological form is very momentary and subject to the law of diminishing return , it becomes a source of frustration , resulting into sexual perversion, sexual violence, rape and prostitution . In both way , sex becomes a negative and destructive force .

Therefore , instead of preaching through the negative mode of the values of sexual abstinence and celibacy , we need to educate society at large the “ Art , Science and Phylosophy” of Meditation , Superconsciousness and Self-realisation without attaching any value to the preferred/ desired mode of sexuality and sexual behavior of the Sadhak( practicener –individual ) . There is a need to delink Sexuality and spiritual Sadhana , shift the focus of Sadhana from Celibacy to Superior dimensions of joy and happiness than the momentary pleasure of sexual indulgence . No human being is so stupid to indulge in and enjoy the lower/inferior dimensions/kinds of joy and happiness if the higher and superior dimensions/ kinds of joy and happiness are accessible to them . However , that can not be done by lectures/ preaching but first hand empirical learning/ knowledge of the superior dimensions of joy and happiness, ultimately leading into eternal bliss and peace . A peaceful mind is where God resides , a truly peaceful human being is living and walking GOD.

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


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