Era of Scientific Spiritualism

Religions of the world have now lost religiosity-their lifeline and become “ bundle of deadwoods-sterile Codes of Conduct” which can produce neither Oxygen nor Flowers nor Fruits . Any Religion which does not make you more peaceful and powerful, more creative and compassionate,more happy ,loving and graceful is anything but Religion . The era of preventive, prohibitive, restrictive , negative and destructive Religions is over and the era of affirmative, constructive , positive and creative Religions has begun . Religions can ignore this spiritual Truth at theirown peril . The Era of Scientific Spirituality has begun . The sooner we understand it better it would be for the fate and future of entire human family .

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


For Satsanga, Gyan Yajna, discourses and lectures in Hindi & English on Bhagavad Gita, Yogavasistha Maharamayan, Upanishads, Astavakra Gita, Vedanta, Patanjali Yoga Sutras & Yoga of Meditation.