Freedom from Bondage

Desires are at the root of all AVIDYA,DUKHAH AND BONDAGE . Desires create Wiil , Will creates Action/Deed, and Action creates Destiny . In other words each one of us creates his/her own destiny by the kind and quality of our desires . SHWETASHWAR UPANISHAD, chapteriv, Verse 5.

The entire message of Bhagawad Gita is also same :

Unless we know the art and science of performing all our Physical,Sensual,Mental and Verbal actions without a sense of DOERSHIP , all actions result into bondage and misery . The moment we learn the art, science and phylosophy of performing actions without a sense of DOERSHIP , we are free , liberated and enter into eternal bliss .

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


The Science of Divine Love and Spiritual Romance

Has there been a single human being in the annals of human history who had ever got a lasting love/romantic relationship ( which is what every human being has been hankering after and longing for ) outside of himself/herself into another human being ? It is impossible for it is irrational , illogical , unscientific . This is the neurosis mankind has been eternally afflicted with . It is the greatest human tragedy . However , this entire tragedy is of our own making . Because it is our ignorance about the “infinite reservoir of eternal love and romance lying within every human being” which is the real and bigger tragic irony . Go deeper inside ( through Meditation and Yoga ) and you would hit upon that reservoir of eternal and unconditional love . That need not necessarily mean negation/rejection or aversion to search of love and romance outside . Both can happen/go together . It is not the question of either –or . The external love and romance ( including sensual indulgence and lust ) can be used as a very powerful /effective prop for the search of love within . To put differently , right methods of sensual indulgence can beget the Spiritual Journey within and with the growing awareness of the higher/superior dimensions of love,romance/joy/happiness/bliss inside oneself , the former automatically becomes redundant and unnecessary because the latter ( the discovery of internal and eternal reservoir of love/romance/ happiness/bliss) ends up in the eternal meeting and romance of the individual self with the Supreme Self ( Pure Consciousness- that is the primary source of all love/romance/ happiness/Bliss ). That is what is called in spiritual parlance Self-Realisation and Enlightenment . YOGA is all about discovering that eternal reservoir of divine love .

Love is not an objective truth but subjective reality , a state of being (in love with oneself, with everybodyelse and everything else ) . That can happen only through self- realization , in the domain within and not without . True love is the achievement of a journey within .

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

What Is Yoga ?

YOGA (Meditation) is the Science of SPIRIT which aims at independent, individual,
internal and ETERNAL ORGASM i.e. Divine union of the individual SELF with Cosmic SELF, merging of the individual Consciousness with Supreme Consciousness , Realisation of the Supreme Reality WHICH IS ABSOLUTE POTENTIALITY (Pure Consciousness- satchidananda-eternal truth, absolute knowledge and unlimited bliss ).
Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati , founder – vedavedanta mission

Era of Scientific Spiritualism

Religions of the world have now lost religiosity-their lifeline and become “ bundle of deadwoods-sterile Codes of Conduct” which can produce neither Oxygen nor Flowers nor Fruits . Any Religion which does not make you more peaceful and powerful, more creative and compassionate,more happy ,loving and graceful is anything but Religion . The era of preventive, prohibitive, restrictive , negative and destructive Religions is over and the era of affirmative, constructive , positive and creative Religions has begun . Religions can ignore this spiritual Truth at theirown peril . The Era of Scientific Spirituality has begun . The sooner we understand it better it would be for the fate and future of entire human family .

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

What Is God ?

God ( brahma, ishwar) is neither a celestial person with super-powers nor an invisible divine entity nor some subtle mysterious force sitting inside you . God is the supreme principle of cosmic governance , universal and eternal law and ultimate sovereign power . In vedas it is called rtam . The term rtam has been used 296 times in riga veda . The closest and nearly similar term in chines phylosophy is tao .

Future Of Mankind

Spiritual way of life is the only future for mankind or else we are doomed to destruction. Therefore , Go Fast Forward to Spirituality and Vedic / Vedantic knowledge .

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


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