From Sexual suppression to Sexual sublimation

Sex is a need and desire both . Sex is divine and demonic both . Sex is creative and destructive both . Sex is a bondage but can be a vehicle of final liberation too ( Super consciousness ).

Celibacy is only a symptom of Brahmacharya and not cause of Brahmacharya . Celibacy is neither equal to nor synonymous with Bramhacharya. Mere Absence of or negation of sexual indulgence is not Brahmacharya . Abstinence need not lead to Brahmacharya . Abstinence is neither helpful in nor hindrance to Brahmacharya ( Self-Realisation ). However, a self- realized person ( Brahmachari) is definitely free from sexual bondage . But that freedom from sex does not come from the negation of sexual indulgence , suppression of sex or abstinence ; rather it is a natural corrolory of , a result of the discovery of superior and higher modes of pleasure , happiness , joy and love , that too unconditional, unfettered , free and perennial with no side-effects and huge side- benefits . He would not have any compulsion of sexual indulgence . Because , he has entered into and experienced the higher and superior dimensions of joy and bliss where sexual pleasure appears so small, insignificant and trivial ( qualitatively and quantitatively both ) compared to the joy and happiness unleashed by superconsciousness.

Religions and religious people have done greatest disservice to the cause of evolution and growth of superconsciousness ( self-realisation) by making abstinence first and foremost condition for the journey and experience of self- realization . It has produced 2 kinds of sexual neorosis/perversion , first , large number of people think that sex is the highest dimension of human joy and happiness, therefore , they never explore any other (higher-superior) dimension of joy and happiness , resulting into sexual addiction . Moreover , since sexual indulgence and spiritual path are projected as mutually enemical , antithetical and mutually exclusive to each other , large mass of humanity who can not stop sexual indulgence , think themselves ineligible and incapable of any spiritual aspiration and experience . This results in vast majority of humanity being denied and deprived any opportunity to go beyond sexuality and explore and experiment the new horizons of joy , happiness and peace lying within themselves . There can not be a bigger injustice to humanity and worse stupidity on the part of religions . Second , since Sexual pleasure in its biological form is very momentary and subject to the law of diminishing return , it becomes a source of frustration , resulting into sexual perversion, sexual violence, rape and prostitution . In both way , sex becomes a negative and destructive force .

Therefore , instead of preaching through the negative mode of the values of sexual abstinence and celibacy , we need to educate society at large the “ Art , Science and Phylosophy” of Meditation , Superconsciousness and Self-realisation without attaching any value to the preferred/ desired mode of sexuality and sexual behavior of the Sadhak( practicener –individual ) . There is a need to delink Sexuality and spiritual Sadhana , shift the focus of Sadhana from Celibacy to Superior dimensions of joy and happiness than the momentary pleasure of sexual indulgence . No human being is so stupid to indulge in and enjoy the lower/inferior dimensions/kinds of joy and happiness if the higher and superior dimensions/ kinds of joy and happiness are accessible to them . However , that can not be done by lectures/ preaching but first hand empirical learning/ knowledge of the superior dimensions of joy and happiness, ultimately leading into eternal bliss and peace . A peaceful mind is where God resides , a truly peaceful human being is living and walking GOD.

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

Kingdom of GOD

In the Kingdom of GOD
More you Demand Lesser you Get
Lesser You demand More You get
In the domain of spirituality , more you give away , richer you become
More you accumulate , poorer you become
Bigger the Ego Lesser the Chances of seeing GOD
By holding on to your Ego , You end up as a pauper
By surrendering and giving up everything to Almighty , Almighty you become
Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

Life is here

Life is only here and now . The Rest is Death .Because only HERE is Universal and only NOW is Eternal . By BEING HERE you transcend the Law of SPACE (DIKA) and become Universal and by BEING in the present moment ( NOW) you transcend the Law of Time (KALA) and become Eternal. So by being Here and Now , you become SHIVA ( all pervading cosmic and divine SPIRIT).
Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

What is True Knowledge ?

True Knowledge (PRAGYAN) is acquired neither through information nor mental modifications (Thoughts) but through the realization of BEING .By BEING what you
are , you attain GODHOOD . True knowledge is verily God . That is why VEDAS say “ PRAGYANAM BRAHMAN”- Knowledge is God .
Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


It is difficult to find a better and more beautiful answer to this eternal question than the one revealed in just one line of nirvana upanishad ( swekshachar swaswabhavo mokshah param brahma – to behave , live and act in accordance with one’s own nature and to get firmly established within oneself is what is called liberation ,self-realisation ,supreme reality and god).

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

You are heaven and the other is hell
All through your life you have been looking for your heaven in others(outside) but you got only hell. Be sure that you will get only hell from others, because the other is verily hell . Your heaven is iying right inside you . Just stop running after the other and begin your journey within- you would see your heaven face to face .

Bhagavad Gita

BHAGAVAD GITA should be made a compulsory subject for all schools and colleges of India because IT is not a religious or communal Book but most sacred scripture of the Mankind . India would become a much better place if all of us had read GITA in schools and imbibed its spiritual and secular Messages in our life . It is taught as a compulsory subject in Germany and many other countries . When is India going to make GITA a compulsory subject in all schools and colleges ?

God is born from the Ashes of Mind

Ego is the shadow of mind (thoughts) and mind is source of all the pain and misery . From the ashes(end-death) of mind rises God .On the Grave of Thoughts grows the Divine Tree of Spirituality and Bliss. Desires are the source of all sorrow. Mind is the source of all desires . Graveyard of Mind (thoughts/desires) is the birth place of GOD ( SACHIDDANANDA- Eternal Existence , Pure Consciousness and infinite Bliss .
Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati

Broom of Medition

GOD (Rama, Krishna ,Christ, Budha ,Muhammed , Moses) is sitting right inside your heart and mind but He is invisible to you because a thick layer of DUST of your thoughts has enveloped Him .If you want to see him , please wipe out that layer of dust of your thoughts with the BROOM OF MEDITATION. Then you would be able to see Him/experience HIM more clearly and closely than you do your hands and legs. DIVINITY is not a dogma, belief or just faith , IT is SUPER SCIENCE OF SPIRIT . You can very easily understand that super science of spirituality with the grammar of yoga and language of meditation .

Swami Vedanta

IN the womb of a peaceful heart and quiet mind lies the infinite reservoir of joy and Bliss, inexhaustible mine of energy and creativity, eternal SUN of Divine Knowledge (Pure Consciousness).

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


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