Beware of fake tantra yogis !

Falling in love with somebody and not falling in love with someone are same because both are functions of MIND and EGO .As long as MIND and EGO are alive, active and functioning THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF LOVE , ONLY LUST, SEX AND CONDITIONAL LOVE IS POSSIBLE THERE . Tantric/divine Love is all about transcending the realm and barriers of EGO and MIND . Therefore , most of those who claim to be practising Tantric Sex/love are just sugar-coating their sexuality with TANTRIC RITUALS but have no spiritual or phylosophical understanding about Tantra Yoga but become overnight experts of SHIVA ( all pervading divine cosmic SPIRIT.) Beware of these fake and fradulent tantra yogis who have their one eye on your flesh and other on your wallet and shiva is just another sexy word for them .)

Where the witness is the god and the judge is most hated accused
In a worldly Court of Law , normally 5 players/ actors are required for adjudicating a dispute i.e. Judge , Advocate, complainant, accused and witness . Unlike this worldly court , in the Court of GOD ( Cosmic Consciousness/ Supreme Reality) only WITNESS is allowed inside the Court of GOD and the dispute is resolved/judgement pronounced solely on the basis of the Statement of the WITNESS. In the Court of GOD judge is the most hated entity , the advocate is the second most hated entity , complainant is third most hated and the accused is least hated person . The only person who is loved and allowed inside the Court of GOD is WITNESS . Therefore , if you want an entry into the Court of GOD , throw away the Gown of the Judge , tear off the uniform of the advocate , stop playing complainant and reject to be an accused . Just become and remain a silent WITNESS BECAUSE in the Court of GOD , THE WITNESS VERILY BECOMES GOD . And there is no easier , faster and better way to make yourself a SILENT WITNESS than the YOGA OF MEDITATION . The same divine secret has been said by J Krishnamurthi in following words : “THE HIGHEST FORM OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE IS OBSERVING YOURSELF WITHOUT JUDGEMENT “.
Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


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