The Science of Divine Love and Spiritual Romance

Has there been a single human being in the annals of human history who had ever got a lasting love/romantic relationship ( which is what every human being has been hankering after and longing for ) outside of himself/herself into another human being ? It is impossible for it is irrational , illogical , unscientific . This is the neurosis mankind has been eternally afflicted with . It is the greatest human tragedy . However , this entire tragedy is of our own making . Because it is our ignorance about the “infinite reservoir of eternal love and romance lying within every human being” which is the real and bigger tragic irony . Go deeper inside ( through Meditation and Yoga ) and you would hit upon that reservoir of eternal and unconditional love . That need not necessarily mean negation/rejection or aversion to search of love and romance outside . Both can happen/go together . It is not the question of either –or . The external love and romance ( including sensual indulgence and lust ) can be used as a very powerful /effective prop for the search of love within . To put differently , right methods of sensual indulgence can beget the Spiritual Journey within and with the growing awareness of the higher/superior dimensions of love,romance/joy/happiness/bliss inside oneself , the former automatically becomes redundant and unnecessary because the latter ( the discovery of internal and eternal reservoir of love/romance/ happiness/bliss) ends up in the eternal meeting and romance of the individual self with the Supreme Self ( Pure Consciousness- that is the primary source of all love/romance/ happiness/Bliss ). That is what is called in spiritual parlance Self-Realisation and Enlightenment . YOGA is all about discovering that eternal reservoir of divine love .

Love is not an objective truth but subjective reality , a state of being (in love with oneself, with everybodyelse and everything else ) . That can happen only through self- realization , in the domain within and not without . True love is the achievement of a journey within .

Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati


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